Now online portal will defuse your conflict

Litigation in courts in India is a time-consuming and expensive exercise and justice usually eludes both parties to an action. The injustice is particularly egregious in consumer and matrimonial disputes, where cases remain pending for months and years.

In India, even after the getting Arbitration award, a challenge under section 34 makes the award inexecutable and such petitions remain pending for several years and the object of quick alternative disputes resolution frequently stands frustrated, but inclusion of online Mediation clause would also help to settle the conflict within some days.

It is the need of the hour that an Alternative Dispute Resolution method should be made mandatory for the parties before taking the conflicts in courts. It is also true that Arbitration has failed as Alternative Dispute Resolution method but Mediation has proved to be successful method in some extent. So, in this age of internet the other online factor of ADR should seems to be a best alternative

Recently, an online settlement portal has been launched in India which is an effective medium for settlement of people’s disputes, issue or conflicts through online Negotiation and discussion along with e Mediation as it will prove to be an effective tool to defuse the conflict and help to end up in an amicable settlement quickly.

It would also help to resolve the conflict within a minimum time period without much financial implications and all the more keep the relationship intact. Internationally, online Mediation has been acknowledged as a best and fastest mode in resolving business disputes.

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